The Big Island of Hawaii

We stayed on a 10 acre eco-farm. This is sunset from the back patio. When traveling, I often will choose a private rental over a hotel. Favorite site;

Baby, there is a shark in the water.

Afternoon rains, Kua Bay

blue waters and blue skies chase the blues away

Portuguese sweet bread made in outdoor brick oven. Every Thursday at the Kona Historical Society.

Palm trees at Place of Refuge

More palms at Place of Refuge

Two Step snorkeling paradise.

Active at Volcanoes National Park. (To view the glow, you must go at night)

Cliff diving into the bright blue waters at South Point (southern most tip of the United States).

Like swimming in an aquarium fish tank.

Green sands beach. Only accessible via a 5 mile hike that really isn't worth it.

Let’s go back. The reason for the trip was to celebrate the graduation (& bar passing) of my brother. Some gifts are memories.

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